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Do you need a tow truck's services? Quickly visit our towing service! We have a fleet of vehicles available at all times and are glad to help. We are also accessible day and night. Contact us immediately!

Light-duty Towing

Hauler Back Towing & Roadside Aid is dependable when it comes to transferring common or light-weight autos. Using the most recent cars and tools, we can move your car fast and safely.

Medium-duty Towing

Our expert medium-duty towing firm can help whether you require assistance with a breakdown, an accident, or just a regular trip.

Heavy-duty Towing

Our main objective is to fulfill your heavy-duty towing requirements. We'll be there for you whenever the project requires careful thought and current maintenance records to make sure that all of your needs are met right away.

Wheel Lift Towing

If you are having any car troubles, it is advised to call us for the best wheel lift tow truck service. You can rely on our trained and skillful drivers to quickly and carefully remove any vehicle from any area.

Flatbed Towing

With our flatbed towing, your motorcycle will be securely loaded and transported without any risk of damage.

Roadside Assistance

A dependable and go-to source for roadside assistance is Hauler Back Towing & Roadside Aid. We promise to do everything possible to get you and your vehicle back on the road. Our skilled mechanics are available day and night to provide routine and emergency roadside service whenever you call us for assistance.

Why Choose Us

Hauler Back Towing & Roadside Aid can service any size and type of vehicle you are capable of. If you call us, you won't have to worry about the cost because we only charge what is fair for every service we provide. In Mobile, Alabama, you can count on our towing and roadside assistance services whenever you need them.

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What Our Clients Say

We take great pride in providing excellent repair and maintenance for the automobiles of our customers. Your feedback is very important to us at Hauler Back Towing & Roadside Aid because we want to make sure that working with us is unlike working with any other towing company.

"I was extremely happy with the timely and kind service I received, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this roadside assistance provider to anyone in need of support while driving."

Charley Bender

Towing Customer

"Tonight, Hauler Back Towing & Roadside Aid did a great job of rescuing our Jeep Grand Cherokee from the side of the road and towing it back to our house. Without a question, I'd rate their services 5 stars!"

Prince McKay

Towing Customer

"There is no point in attempting to phone anywhere else in the Mobile, AL to get tow assistance. You can get prompt and dependable towing services by calling Hauler Back Towing & Roadside Aid. I know from personal experience!"

Alexandra Bender

Towing Customer